Food and Beverage Cleaning

Facilities that process, package or redistribute food and beverages have unique needs and high expectations. A floor scrubber that cleans effectively, while containing the dust and fluids well is highly sought. Anrunto has always enjoyed a strong customer base with the produce packing house, in addition to the battery scrubbers in use at the processing facilities. The fully cleanable recovery tank permits complete sanitization of the tank, which otherwise could harbor all sorts of undesirables, to be push out like an aerosol by the vacuum motor.

We Provide the Best Cleaning for your Specific Needs:
Some of our rider scrubber platforms can be built with 304 stainless steel tanks, which permit hot water and even better sanitation / disinfection.
Whether the facility is bottling water, sodas, tea, beer, or any other fluids, our battery scrubbers are designed for optimum satisfaction.
The cylindrical scrubbing head is able to clean up a 12-pack of broken glass bottles, the caps and all fluids in a single pass. Thereby reducing the potential for sharp objects getting lodged in the rubber blades or clogged in the recovery hoses.