Anrunto Service and Maintenance

Whether you need pressure washer repairs or parts washer maintenance, trust the experts at Anrunto Cleaning Equipment for all of your pressure washer service needs.

Assembly Guidance

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Operation Guidance

At Solution we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your order you have two options for return or exchange. You can simply bring your order in its original packaging accompanied by the original.

  • Dedicated secure facilities
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  • Online inventory reporting
  • Full order management & back office integration

Troubleshooting Instruction

Fault WarningerrorCharge
FedEx10% of order value
FedEx, Signature Required10% of order value + $20
In-Home Delivery$299 per trip
In-Home Delivery, Time-Specific$399 per trip

Breakdown Support

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Manual Download

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